HR men alleged to have small parcel

Guru has disappointingly received just one more application to join his band of human resources Wild Hogs (men over 40 years old working in HR), taking the total to… um… four.

Apparently, the term for a group of hogs is a ‘parcel’. To be honest, Guru is not sure whether four hogs even constitutes a ‘sachet’.

But thanks anyway to disciple Nick for single-handedly boosting membership by 33%. He writes:

Dear Guru,

I couldn’t help but feel inspired by your call of the Wild Hogs (5 June), and so felt that I must also ‘come out’ and admit to being a 45+ male Wild Hog training and HR officer, surrounded by females of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Now, unlike disciple Neil, I’ve never felt the need to cross-dress to hide my true identity, but have been known to wear pink shirts and ties in an effort to illustrate my self-confidence in my own sexuality (hetero). It’s amazing how a smart suit and shiny shoes can turn a few heads… and work wonders for one’s self-confidence.

Must go… Off for my next ballroom dancing lesson. Well, a man’s got to have a hobby!

Nick of Shropshire.

The need for some men in HR to assert their heterosexuality was reinforced for Guru last week, when a senior female HR director aggressively suggested to him that all men in the profession “are either gay or have small d**ks”.

Guru was considering asking his straight, male disciples for evidence to the contrary, but fears the ensuing e-mail attachments may ignite Personnel Today’s firewall and put Yours Truly off his sausage sandwich.

So instead, here’s one final ‘call of the Wild Hogs’. Come on all you (perfectly adequately equipped) HR men! Help Guru grow the Wild Hogs’ membership from a tiny parcel to a large packet. E-mail:

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