HR professionals need experience of real world

I read your article ‘Moving On Up’ (Personnel Today, 12 September) with growing frustration.

Going into HR without spending time in other areas of a business is like becoming a teacher straight from university – how can you bring value to those you serve without experience of the real world?

The purpose of HR is to anticipate and support the people needs of an organisation as it executes its business plans.

So first, spend time in a role that helps you understand these – why the market dictates them, their implications for operations, customer service, research and development – and, if you’re still ‘in love’ with HR, move into the profession. Bring with you a broad grasp of customer needs and market dynamics, and an understanding of how your organisation makes money. Only then will HR continue to remain relevant, vital and outward-facing, as opposed to becoming the subordinate administrators of the fabled back office.

Lucy McGee

Marketing director,


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