HR professionals needed for real-life leadership development in Dominican Republic

A picture of transformation….would you like to play your part?

A picture of transformation… would you like to play your part? We are recruiting a specialist team of HR professionals to take part in a trip to the Dominican Republic in March 2011.

“My company spent nearly £4,000 for me to engage in a week’s residential leadership development programme built around practical team-building. 

“I had a great time with the various games and exercises and met some great people, but the reality is, I am struggling to see what difference it has made to my behaviour in the workplace. Right now, I cannot honestly pinpoint the learning.”

Familiar? TWO World Option is a company dedicated to providing a very different kind of leadership development experience. No simulated learning environments; we focus on real-life.

We present a unique learning framework: engagement in a practical poverty relief project working alongside local teams in a developing country.  You will have all of the professional coaching resource that you should expect for you and your executive team in a leadership development environment; but the environment itself is quite unlike any other.

When presented with real and practical needs, and an opportunity to learn and contribute to a very special project in a very different culture, people respond with their very best. Perspectives are deeply challenged, lifelong learning points are internalised and renewed passion and perspective for creativity in work emerges.

The TWO World Option facilitates a “triple win” partnership. The participant will find deep personal development; the sending organization will capture uniquely powerful leadership development for its executives, as well as clear CSR synergies; and in the local communities we visit lives are transformed as practical assistance is provided and with this comes a sense of affirmation and connection though the cross-cultural skills exchange that invariably takes place. 

We are highly experienced in taking teams to developing countries and are very confident, evidenced through the universal testimonies of participants, that remarkable learning is gained as our teams enjoin meaningfully with local people. Working with you, we can develop a learning set that is specifically appropriate to your leadership development objectives.

We invite you to join a group of HR leaders to demonstrate to you the extraordinary value that we can help unlock, and to give to you the truly unique and powerful learning experience that we know this trip will deliver.

Want to know more?  Let us know who you are and we would be delighted to provide you with some more information and an invitation to meet us.

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