HR professionals seek bigger challenges

Almost a quarter (23%) of personnel professionals are seeking to move jobs, and 13% have changed job within the past 12 months, research shows.

The offer of an interesting, challenging and responsible role was the main attraction to their new role, a survey of personnel professionals from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in association with Croner Reward.

The survey, based on nearly 8,000 HR professionals in more than 1,400 organisations, also finds the main reason for seeking to move jobs is lack of promotion prospects (28%).

Charles Cotton, CIPD reward and recognition adviser, said: “It is clear that personnel professionals want a career where there is scope for development and progression, together with opportunities to fully utilise their skills.

“It is important to get the pay and rewards right, as well as the non-financial benefits. Organisations need to take all these factors into account – thinking about how to build and retain talent, while satisfying both the needs of the organisation and employees,” said Cotton.

Vivienne Copeland, director of client services at Croner Reward said: “With the level of labour turnover in the profession, employers need to be well informed in all aspects of pay and recognition in order to recruit and retain the right people for their business.”

Survey findings

Organisation size

  • More than a third (39%) of employees who now work for small organisations moved for a better work-life balance.

  • Personnel directors in larger organisations (4,001-10,000 employees) earn 50% more than their counterparts in organisations with less than 100 employees.

  • A head of personnel in a large company earns almost £27,000 more than one working in a small organisation.

Earnings by job sector

  • Personnel directors in the private sector are paid an average of £65,000

  • Personnel directors in the public sector are paid an average of £59,500

  • Personnel directors in the voluntary sector are paid an average of £53,000

  • Personnel directors in the manufacturing sector are paid an average of £67,500

  • Personnel professionals in the construction industry and transport sector have seen some of the highest pay rises, averaging 3.7%.

  • Pay rise expectations are highest in the private services sector, with 16% of them forecasting a 5% pay rise.

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