HR qualifications Doctor of Business Administration, Luton University

How long?
The course is taken on a part-time basis and requires at least three years to complete.

Entry requirements
This programme has been developed for experienced and well-qualified managers, consultants, and management educators. Applicants are expected to be at mid to senior level within their organisation. Applicants will already be expected to hold an MBA or a Masters in a business or management-related discipline.

The programme will include a number of taught modules, including: research methods, reflective analysis and change agent practice. Participants will also deliver a seminar presentation of their work to other participants and will be expected to undertake a research project and produce two papers of publishable quality to disseminate their ideas.

Career opportunities
The DBA is a logical progression from an MBA and other masters or senior professional management qualifications. Those completing the doctorate will be well placed to drive forward new plans within their organisation and could make a significant contribution to the development of organisational strategy or practices.

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