HR reports online learning failures

learning has been criticised by HR professionals for too often providing poor
content which fails to engage staff.

half of the 275 HR professionals polled, by e-learning firm ICUS, claim that
online learning has not been a success in their company.

in three cite poor content as a problem, while a quarter feel that there is a
high drop-out rate for e-learning because it is done in isolation and does not
engage staff.

third of HR professionals questioned believe that e-learning must include
discussion forums and interaction to motivate staff to continue with the

said that they adopted e-learning as a way to cut HR costs.

is a reality check. It is clear that as companies learn from the sometimes
painful experiences of implementing e-learning systems, they increasingly value
customised content as well as a focus on knowledge management," said
Christian Heyning, general manager at ICUS UK.

offering easy-to-access, relevant content linking it with the in-company
experts, companies merge e-learning with knowledge management."

By Paul Nelson

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