HR shock and awe over £500,0000 for top job at CIPD

Personnel Today readers have expressed their shock at the £500,000 salary package on offer to the new director-general of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Last week, Personnel Today revealed the big bucks on offer to Geoff Armstrong’s replacement when he retires in June 2008. A record number of respondents voted on our online news barometer, overwhelmingly saying the role does not justify such a huge salary.

One angry e-mailer said: “I am seriously considering withdrawing my 15-year membership of the CIPD. The average salary of most HR staff is about £30,000. How is it justifiable to pay the director-general this amount of money? The CIPD is not a public company or a business with shareholders.”

Another said: “I am disappointed the salary does not reflect the marketplace for this type of role. The pension contributions quoted are excessive, to say the least.”

One senior HR director, a CIPD chartered fellow, said the salary package was “hard to justify”.

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