HSE warns caterers over safety clothing scams

Health and Safety Executive has reminded catering firms of their obligations to
provide free personal protective equipment (PPE) to staff.

HSE issued the warning after receiving information that several firms that were
classifying safety clothes as part of the staff uniform and charging workers
for them.

Smith, HSE principal inspector dealing with the catering industry said:
"Regrettably we receive similar reports regularly over the years. Catering
employers must understand that the practice of charging in this way is

rules apply to public and private employers because the risk of injury from
slipping is higher in the catering industry.

catering, PPE may include safety shoes which are slip-resistant or have
protection against objects dropped onto the feet; gloves or gauntlets to
protect hands and arms from burns and cleaning agents; aprons and overalls to
protect against hot splashes; and face masks and goggles to protect against
cleaning agents for ovens and hot plates.


By Ross Wigham

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