I much prefer my slant on MBAs

It does go from bad to worse, doesn’t it? What on earth possessed you to
give space to more arrogant rantings?

First in your June 25 issue, we have Minna Nathoo prattling on about
‘diversity’ – the new buzzword to replace ‘equal opportunities’ (Letters). Then
we have the paranoid Mr Nigel Hunt on the same page.

What world does Hunt live in, criticising company policies on allowing staff
to watch the world cup on the grounds that it is evidence of a male-oriented
workforce? Clearly he’s not on the same planet as the rest of us. Quite apart
from his unjustified assertion regarding lack of equality, he seems to think
that the World Cup was about football.

Of course, it was not about football. It was about mass hysteria, akin to
that following the death of Diana, orchestrated by the media, with men and
women, irrespective of their interest in sport in general or football in
particular, equally susceptible. Traditionally, time off is given only for the
purging of hysteria – get real, Mr Hunt!

Personnel Today’s biggest ‘crime’ however was, like last week, on the front
page, compounded by the editorial comment on page 2.

You regard it as the "biggest concern of all that hardly any MBAs cover
HR management". So what? I am no expert on MBAs but I do know enough about
HR management to be aware it has nothing to do with managing people.

May I suggest this front page banner for a future edition, accompanied by an
article within.

Terry Lunn, via e-mail

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