If you want to get ahead

A diploma in Indian head massage is not high on the requirements for most job specifications, but one media firm has shelled out so staff can achieve this and other unusual personal goals.

The financial assistance handed out by Flextech Television – the owner of channels such as Living TV, Bravo, UKTV and Challenge – forms part of the company’s ‘Life Skills Bursary’.

The scheme allows employees to bid for monthly financial assistance or paid time off to pursue outside interests, such as stand-up comedy, learning foreign languages, taking singing lessons and head massage.

The HR team decide who is the most deserving recipient. Niamh O’Connor, head of HR at Flextech, the content division of Telewest Broadband, said the benefit had been a good retention tool.

“This is something we are proud of and boast about in all our staff communications,” she said. “Staff really like the benefits we offer as it makes us stand out from the crowd.”

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