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The UK’s six million unpaid carers save the economy an estimated £57bn each year, with half of these – about 12% of the total workforce –juggling work and care responsibilities.

Campaign groups have warned that workers are being forced to leave employment to take up full-time caring roletax breaks for carers 150x117s, or have to combine work and care with little support from employers or government.

Personnel Today is backing a campaign to introduce tax breaks for carers. Under the proposals, tax breaks would enable employers to offer a voucher for employees who care for a dependent relative, similar to those available for childcare. See who has already signed it

We want you to show your support for the campaign by signing our petition and call on the government to commit to the scheme in its next spending review, scheduled for mid 2007.

  • Only your name, job title industry sector and your principal interest (eg, whether you are a carer or you work in HR) will be published in our online petition.
  • All the details you give us will be included in the petition sent to the government.
  • Your details will not be used for any other purpose.

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See who has already signed it

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