Inchcape Fleet Solutions to ensure employees’ engines run smoothly

The largest independent leasing company, Inchcape Fleet Solutions, has introduced a health screening programme for its employees with Screenetics. 

The company has recently launched a range of health benefits to its staff to encourage better care of health among the workforce and as part of this is encouraging staff to have an hour long health check on site. The health screenings carried out by Screenetics are non-invasive, and are conducted fully clothed.  

A comprehensive set of tests look at all the common causes of long-term illness. As part of the session, employees also have a lifestyle assessment and an action plan to help maintain good health.  Results can be accessed and tracked online confidentially.  

Kerry Howard, HR Director at Inchcape Fleet Solutions said:  “At IFS we are keen to show our employees how important their wellbeing is to us.  Because everyone is busy, the tests take place during work time so it’s simple for employees to have their health checked and then return to work. We are certain that this screening approach will help ensure that we give our employees the information they need to better maintain their health now and in the future.  That can only be good news for us where productivity and absenteeism are concerned.”

Kevin Hollick, director, Screenetics said:  “Inchcape Fleet Solutions was looking for a cost effective way to offer their employees a high quality, tailored, health screening solution.  Our comprehensive screenings only last for an hour in the office and results are available in an instant.  Employees are able to ask our experts questions about their results and their health, and discuss ways to stay on top of their game”

Sample screenings are available to businesses looking to roll out health screening to their staff. Screenetics works with employers to find a health screening solution that suits them and their budget.

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