Induction is a team effort

Organisations appear to adopt a ‘team’ approach to the induction of new
recruits, according to an IRS survey.

The poll of 258 organisations shows more than half (51.6 per cent) share the
overall responsibility between both personnel and line managers. One in three
(35.2 per cent) do not offer the same induction process for all staff. They
either use core induction programmes, supplementing training for particular job
roles or functions, customise induction programmes for specific jobs, or
initiate managers/senior positions in a different way.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, the average
cost of recruiting new employees stands at £3,462. High labour turnover among
new recruits is common, with more staff leaving during the initial six months
of employment than at any other time, so it is vitally important to get the
induction process right.

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