Infohrm academy introduces new workshop on Workforce Reporting

Infohrm, global leader in workforce planning, reporting, and analytics solutions, have intoroduced a new workshop on Workforce Reporting in London.

Analysts who understand the impact that the actions and behaviours of different workforce segments have on organisational performance, who can clearly articulate areas of genuine concern, and suggest creditable interventions to senior management, must be supported to develop appropriate analytical and reporting skills.

Organisations previously sending individuals on established Infohrm workshops, such as Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning, have already made the strategic move of investing in effective human-capital measurement and analysis.

However, certain questions remain:

  • How can critical findings from workforce analysis be effectively communicated to business leaders?

  • How can analytical insight be best presented to ensure it is factored into the business decision making process?

  • How can the analyst be the voice that senior management listen to?

  • Which style of presentation is appropriate for each consumer group – what are the available reporting channels?

To answer these questions and to provide delegates with the techniques to best utilise HR and workforce reports to engage stakeholders at all levels, and across different functions of an organisation, Infohrm have developed an interactive and thought provoking Workforce Reporting workshop.

Upon completion of the Workforce Reporting workshop, delegates will be equipped to:

  • Utilise workforce data; to transform it into actionable insights and data analysis.

  • Build stronger, data driven relationships with the key stakeholders in the organisation.

  • Create a reporting strategy that links with business strategy.

  • Utilise data visualisation techniques to ‘get the message across’.

  • Establish a regular cycle of corporate reporting, whilst recognising the importance of alignment with ‘one off’ business initiatives and events.

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