Innovative use of self-delusion afflicts young staff

Most younger workers believe they are more innovative than their older counterparts – a view that is not shared by other age groups.

A Vodafone survey of 300 senior business people and 1,000 employees established a clear divide between younger workers’ view of themselves, and that held by their older colleagues and employers.

It shows that younger workers had a self-belief that could easily be misconstrued as arrogance and over-confidence by their counterparts.

While 67 per cent of younger employees believe they are more innovative, 75 per cent of their older counterparts disagree, along with 61 per cent of employers.

Most employers (58 per cent) and older employees (75 per cent) believe that younger people only work hard “when there is something in it for them” – a view shared by 45 per cent of younger employees.

However, although most employers (66 per cent) felt that customers did not like to deal with young, inexperienced staff, the report showed that only a minority are actively trying to recruit older workers.

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