Intecomp Global Services achieved outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.

Intercomp Global Services (Intercomp), the leading provider of international payroll services, has once again achieved outstanding levels of client satisfaction, with 90% saying they would choose Intercomp again and 80% of its customers ready to recommend Intercomp to their peers.

Intercomp Global Services completed its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for the whole of the previous year in April 2010. The Survey results are compiled from client feedback based on a detailed questionnaire. This yearly undertaking is designed to increase the effectiveness of Intercomp’s operations and ensure that it is able to meet its customers’ needs.

Clients evaluated Intercomp’s service according to timeliness of service; accuracy; responsiveness of Intercomp’s specialists; usability and functionality of Intercomp’s IT solutions. Clients also had an opportunity to evaluate services separately.

The average score for each of Intercomp’s offices was 8.8 out of a possible 10. In general, clients reported that they were “very satisfied”, and it was particularly pleasing to note that these results are better in each and every service than in previous years. This is a result of constant improvements both to internal processes and in the quality of service Intercomp offer.

This overall satisfaction level of 8.8 proves that Intercomp is providing the services that clients require and improving them in the ways that clients need. This high level of satisfaction was found among all industry sectors, regardless of client type.



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