Investors in People is much more than a badge

The Employment Review survey conducted among 81 employers (‘The business impact of IIP status’, Personnel Today, 27 May) is surprising in its findings, particularly as it comes so soon after the CBI’s survey of more than 700 businesses in the UK, collectively employing 1.7 million employees, which found that those questioned saw Investors in People as adding real value to firms, with nearly three-quarters feeling that it had a positive impact on their business.

The CBI’s positive findings are further endorsed by recent research conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies, which concluded that, all things being equal, achieving Investors in People recognition generates measurable gains in performance to the tune of an additional £176 gross profit per employee, per annum.

Investors in People is not simply a ‘badge’ and those organisations that reap the greatest benefit from working with the standard are those that properly embed its principles into their business practices on a daily basis.

Gaining Investors in People status shouldn’t be seen as an end point, but a means to driving continuous improvement in performance within an organisation, through its people.

Creating an environment where workers feel supported and motivated in their roles is vital to the success of any business. Unhappy employees will rarely reach their full potential and this can be detrimental to business performance, ultimately affecting a company’s financial performance.

The Investors in People standard offers a vital framework to help any organisation, whatever its size or sector, align its people with its business goals in the most profitable and efficient way possible.

Simon Jones

Chief executive

Investors in People UK

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