Ixia launches highly-effective diagnostic tool to drive performance

Human resources specialists Ixia Consultancy Ltd has launched an evidence-based Employee Engagement diagnostic tool (ixia-i3) to capitalise on a growing demand from global organisations to understand exactly how to retain, engage and get more from their biggest asset in today’s competitive and uncertain business climate.

Launched in mid 2008, ixia-i3 is underpinned by 12 months of academic research by Henley Management College and an Advisory Board of 24 leading organisations in the United Kingdom.  

Employee Engagement has been identified in both academic and practitioner-based research as being a critical strategy to increase performance in organisations. By utilising robust academic research processes coupled with the commercial reality of the challenges faced by the Advisory Board, ixia-i3 was created to empower organisations, human resources practitioners, leaders and managers to deliver specific and solution-focused actions that drive to the heart of engagement.

The uniqueness of ixia-i3 centres on its three critical drivers that are proven to account for almost 65% of the variance in an organisation’s engagement levels, which if addressed and prioritised, will ensure maximum impact and drive performance levels. 

The tool has a multitude of uses across a broad spectrum of industries and is applicable for both small and multi-national organisations.  It has the flexibility to be used as a standalone engagement tool or as a strategic means of assessing development and leadership talent.

It can also enhance existing engagement surveys offered by the competition as it has the capability to instantly get to the heart of critical issues and analyse organisations/ departments/functions and teams in a systematic and specific way giving managers the confidence to make meaningful decisions and take appropriate action.

Ixia’s approach takes into account the organisational context as an integral component in the consulting methodology offering a highly customised outcome to the client. Providing both highly quantitative and qualitative results, Ixia successfully combines the ixia-i3 technology with a highly-customised and personalised consultative approach. Specialist-consulting solutions are provided by Ixia to identify how engagement needs to interface across the entire organisational and human resource lifecycle. Ixia also provides both creative and tailored reporting to enable clients to utilise the data effectively to identify key areas of best practice and /or concern across their business.

Ixia Consultancy Ltd Managing Director, Anna Cleland said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to launch ixia-i3 to drive higher engagement levels, especially in today’s current economic climate. Employee Engagement is a business critical strategy and we feel this is the ideal time to engage. Our approach combines robust research, a rich technological application and focused solutions to enable clients to gain clarity and confidence to make informed decisions that will add value to their financial performance”.

Already in demand since within a month of its launch, director Wendy Mitchinson said ixia-i3 has exceeded client expectations with the level of detail and focus it provides to effectively analyse key areas of low engagement by employees, whilst at the same time, equally capture areas of best practice.

“The tool’s flexibility and multiple-use as either a standalone instrument, as an enhancement to existing engagement methods or as a strategic tool to focus leadership strategies to improve engagement, make it very attractive to a wide range of organisations and contexts”, she said.

Ixia UK Ltd, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, is a specialist human resources consultancy with a focus on Employee Engagement.  In 2009 and beyond, Ixia will expand its research into other key global markets ensuring application of the ixia-i3 technology platform worldwide.


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