Jaguar staff at closing plant ordered to fix Land Rovers

facing the sack at a Jaguar plant that is soon to close are furious after being ordered to fix faults on new
Land Rovers, according to union chiefs.

Amicus union says 1,000 workers are being shipped to the Browns
Lane factory in Coventry
for the task, reports the Daily Mirror.

Amicus leader Roger Maddison
said staff are "spitting
blood" over the move by owners Ford.

told the newspaper: "Being asked to mop up Land Rover’s problems is rubbing
salt in the wounds. On the one hand Ford is saying Browns
Lane has no future. Then they hold them up as a
model workforce, and want their skills to fix problems elsewhere."

which owns Land Rover, announced 10 days ago it will close Browns
Lane, with 1,500 jobs

spokesman admitted that Land Rovers made at Solihull
are being sent to the plant for work. He added: "The expertise is being
used to complete minor tasks."

By Daniel Thomas






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