JD Wetherspoons devises online recruitment system for pub managers

Pub chain JD Wetherspoons has introduced an online recruitment system which alerts the HR department as soon as there is a managerial vacancy in any of its pubs.

New licensing laws mean that from Thursday this week, if a pub does not have a license-holder linked to it, the pub could close. 

JD Wetherspoons, which has one of the largest estates in the country with 655 pubs, said previously head office wasn’t always clear about when there were vacancies.

The firm is now using its bespoke online recruitment system developed in conjunction with online recruitment firm Changeworknow, as an early warning system.

Recruitment manager Sarah Carter said: “As soon as we’re aware of a vacancy, the system automatically notifies our legal department, as well as personnel. 

“We’re then in a position to immediately deal with the legal side of things while at the same time automatically search for a replacement.”

The firm is extending its opening hours from this Thursday, with its pubs now open to midnight during the week and 1.00am at weekends.

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