Executive recruitment

“Executive recruitment” is the process of employers using an external firm to locate potential candidates to fill senior or key vacancies. It is commonly known as “headhunting”.

Quarter of employers do nothing to improve top-level diversity

A quarter of employers (24%) make no effort to attract and recruit more diverse candidates for top-level jobs.
That is...

FTSE 350 meets female board representation target

22 Sep 2020

More than a third of board members across the UK’s 350 biggest organisations are women, but 18 ‘one-and-done’ boards still...

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Why service agreements matter in the Covid-19 era

21 Aug 2020

Too often service agreements only attract attention when employers are contemplating dismissal or selling the business. They deserve more attention, writes Dean Fuller.

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Why we are not identifying the right leaders

21 Aug 2020

Talent risks being wasted through poor decision-making that is based on uninformed, inconsistent and biased information, writes Roger Philby.

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Shares perform best in companies with gender diverse boards during virus

4 Aug 2020

Shares in companies with more women have performed better than their competitors during the coronavirus, according to an analysis of...

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Colour of Power 2020: Diversity at leadership level has stalled

28 Jul 2020

Progress on increasing diversity at leadership levels has stalled over the past three years, finds Sky News study.

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gender split in boardroom

Lack of women in top roles sees leading firms miss out on profits

27 Jul 2020

FTSE 350 companies are missing out on sizeable profits through a failure to appoint more women to key executive roles.

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What does coronavirus mean for executive search?

2 Jul 2020

Finding the right leaders to navigate organisations through the pandemic and beyond has never been more important, but executive search...

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How to hire staff more fairly and recognise diversity

29 Jun 2020

Recognising our biases and presumptions is only the start of achieving the fairer, more inclusive, recruitment processes our businesses need...

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Is the future of international business travel in the balance?

24 Apr 2020

Pandemics, rising costs and environmental concerns are leading to doubts over whether long-haul business travel will ever return to 'normal'.

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Half of leadership transitions fail: Does HR do enough to smooth the way?

26 Feb 2020

HR and L&D teams will often have plans in place to help new managers become equipped for the new responsibilities,...

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‘Lack of leadership talent holding back large businesses’

16 Jan 2020

Leadership instability is blighting many top businesses, with a large minority of HR chiefs reporting difficulties in developing effective senior leaders.

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Is succession planning an outdated concept?

7 Jan 2020

Succession planning often focuses on key leaders in the organisation. But in a changing business environment, planning for the future...

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Half of all FTSE 100 executive hires must be women to meet target

13 Nov 2019

One in every two FTSE 100 executive appointments over the next year will have to go to a woman if...

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Mentoring key to building diverse leadership

16 Oct 2019

Businesses where women occupy more than 30% senior leadership roles are more likely to nurture ambition, with a quarter (27%)...

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