Job-hunters criticise ‘demeaning’ Easter egg hunt

Job-hunters have been asked to search for Easter eggs in the offices of a JobCentre Plus contractor in London.

More than 150 unemployed people have been invited to look for 35 chocolate eggs hidden in the offices of the Skills Training Centre UK in Southwark. Prizes include payment for a licence to work on building sites, vouchers to buy clothes for interview, and the chance to become a security guard.

But the egg hunt has been criticised by job-hunters, who see it as demeaning. According to Graham Barnes, who is looking for work, “Asking us to take part in an Easter egg hunt is humiliating. Some of us are not proud of signing on and this just rubs our face in it.” Egg hunt organiser Catrina Lynch said of the event: “It is not meant in a demeaning way. It’s going to be fun.”

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