Job prospects look good for redundant Ryton Peugeot site workers

The 2,300 workers at the Ryton Peugeot plant have got good long-term prospects despite facing redundancy within a year, it is claimed.

The claims were made as unions prepare to meet management at the plant near Coventry today following news that strike action is being considered by staff.

Local politicians believe local economic conditions and the nearby airport could help to save the site.

The plant lies on the edge of Coventry, within the boundary of Warwickshire County Council and Rugby Borough Council, which are working with Coventry council to secure a future for the site.

Councillor Gordon Collett, Rugby borough economic development cabinet member, said: “This is an extremely attractive site for any potential investors.

“It is at the centre of the motorway network nationally, has an airport just nearby, and is based in Warwickshire next to an increasingly buoyant city.”

Production at Ryton will move to a single shift in July and halt completely in mid-2007.

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