Job security tops employment attitudes poll

security is still regarded as the single most important factor in any
employment package, an annual survey has revealed.

Eden Brown Employment Attitudes Survey shows that 83 per cent of employees feel
job security is the most important part of their working lives.

total of 82 per cent think nice work colleagues are an important part of a good
job, 80 per cent chose money, 76 per cent equal opportunities and 75 per cent
comfortable working conditions.

survey also reveals that just over one-in-five workers has experienced unfair
discrimination in the work place.

these 35 per cent had been the victims of ageism, 23 per cent gender
discrimination and 11 per cent racial discrimination.

Wolter, managing director of Eden Brown, said, “It is important to keep abreast
of the attitudes and the needs of the country’s working population in a fast
changing work environment if we are to make the most effective use of our
greatest asset  – people – and keep them
happy in their working lives.”

By Ben Willmott. Click her to respond

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