Improved pay and conditions for Christian Salvesen staff

Christian Salvesen, one of Europe’s largest logistics
companies, has signed an agreement with the T & G union to improve pay and
conditions in its UK industrial division.

The 106-page agreement, which covers 2,800 employees,
includes the introduction of a bonus scheme, improved representation for union
representatives and a greater emphasis on information and consultation.

In addition, a regional pay structure has been put in place
coupled with improvements in sickness benefit and holiday entitlements.

Dave Betts, managing director for Christian Salvesen in the
UK, said, “This represents a major step-change on employee relations for the
division.  From the company’s point of
view, the work we have done in the run-up to this agreement has already had a
significant impact in employee turnover.”

Steve Thomason, the
division’s HR director, added, “This proves what we and the trade unions have
been saying for some years – that there is a better and more constructive way
we can work together for the good of the company and its employees.”

By Karen Higginbottom. Click here to

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