Job seekers value company culture

Over 70 per
cent of office workers believe that the most important consideration when
choosing a new job is the company’s culture, a survey has found.

Salary is
the next most important consideration on 24 per cent, according to research by
IT service provider Midas IT Solutions.

The time it
takes to travel to work was cited by four per cent of respondents as a reason
for choosing a new job and two per cent of those surveyed felt the number of
hours worked in a week was important.

research illustrates the growing importance employees are now placing on company
culture. This seems to support the theory that in today’s working environment
people are experiencing a blurring between work and private life. After all if
we are spending up to eight hours a day or more at work, then our personal
environment has to be right,” said David Rabone, head of staffing solutions at
Midas IT Services.

research also shows that half of respondents socialise with colleagues after
work at least once a week and nearly half, 48 per cent believe that their
office is becoming more sociable.

The report
questioned 500 office-based employees.

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