Jobs and pay in HR slide in downturn

There has been an alarming slump in the number of HR jobs and advertised
salaries over the past 12 months.

An exclusive report by Salary Survey Publications in conjunction with
Personnel Today reveals that the number of HR job advertisements fell across all
posts and in all sectors compared to the previous year.

The research also shows that advertised salaries for HR directors, HR
managers, and managers in compensation and benefit, recruitment and training
have all dropped significantly over the period.

Amanda Molyneaux, HR strategy and systems manager at Liverpool John Moores
University who carried out the research, said: "The drop is dramatic and
has been caused by the general economic downturn. It’s also more noticeable
because HR had a period of real growth just prior to this fall off. It’s
something that’s been going on for about a year – so it’s not a blip."

The study finds that the number of available positions for HR managers has
dropped by more than 29 per cent and pay has dipped by 0.3 per cent to £38,246.

Pay for recruitment managers has fallen by more than 5 per cent and the
number of jobs advertised reduced by 63 per cent.

Advertised compensation and benefits managers’ salaries have slumped by 1.4
per cent to £46,477 and job numbers have fallen by nearly 10 per cent.

Mark Childs, director of global compensation and benefits at Fidelity
Investments, said salaries have fallen at management level because fewer senior
positions are being advertised and employers are using interims or existing personnel
rather than recruiting new staff.

CIPD’s assistant director general Duncan Brown is confident there are still
plenty of opportunities for the best people, despite the fall in vacancies.

By Ross Wigham

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