Jobseekers rate corporate responsibility highly

importance of sound corporate social responsibility policies has been
highlighted in a new poll, which finds nearly half of all jobseekers will not
accept a position at a company which does not have them.

research shows that 43 per cent of candidates wouldn’t work for a firm that
didn’t have ethical and environmental policies – even if the employer offered
£10,000 more than a responsible firm.

issues also seem to be less important to modern jobseekers with 74 per cent
regarding company cars as unimportant compared to two-thirds who place high priority
on environmentally friendly policies.

poll of 5,000 jobseekers finds that public sector staff are the most ethically
conscious with 45 per cent feeling strongly about not working for companies
which lack CSR.

Robinson, managing director of online recruitment firm totaljobs, said:
"Companies need to wise up and realise that they can no longer tempt
jobseekers with financial incentives alone.

new breed of jobseeker is placing ethical issues above financial incentives
when considering a job offer."

By Ross Wigham

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