JobTonic partners with My Neighbourhoods

Referral recruitment website JobTonic has linked up with social networking site My Neighbourhoods to connect web users to jobs in their local area. JobTonic rewards “home headhunters” for referring their friends for new jobs.

The partnership will see JobTonic’s 700+ vacancies listed on the My Neighbourhood site for members to refer to their contacts. Where referrals are successful and lead to a hire, the referrer will be rewarded with a cheque from JobTonic as a thank you for finding the right candidate. Rewards vary by employer and vacancy but sums ranging from £50 to £2000 are currently up for grabs to the right person.

Members of My Neighbourhoods can now easily locate jobs in their area and apply online. With more and more people working for smaller companies, you never know what new start up or well-established niche player might be around the corner from you. By cross-referencing contacts with job vacancies by location, My Neighbourhoods’ members are at a unique advantage when it comes to earning money from referrals.

Danny Bull, founder of My Neighbourhoods commented, “By teaming up with JobTonic, we’re now able to put our members in touch with local employers as well as giving them a route to finding out which companies and jobs are available in their geographical area. The financial benefit to our members is excellent too.”

Nick Goldstein, general manager at JobTonic, commented, “We are happy to be expanding the reach of our vacancies by working with My Neighbourhoods and I look forward to rewarding more people for making job referrals online”.

My Neighbourhoods is a fast-growing community networking web site that helps people get to know their neighbours, create real-life local community relationships, find out more about their area and sell online for free. The site offers a range of features including secure contact with neighbours, local area information, message boards, free classifieds, local recommendations, business finder, neighbours and local area search, detailed profiling and much more.

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