Kier Support Services restructures its Human Resources function

Construction and services group Kier Support Services (KSS), is to restructure its Human Resource function, in a bid to reduce costs and reduced local administration, following an internal review.

KSS, which employs 4,500 people, will undergo first phase recruitment from head office to fill a number of positions as part of its restructuring process including a number of HR specialists and and two training advisers to support the local HR teams and group training department.

A recruitment services manager operating centrally, and HR business partners and HR managers to manage the disparate local HR functions are also being sought.

A first-line support function will also be launched centrally a first port of call for contract and employment related queries from employees and local HR specialists.

Peter Reeve, KSS HR manager, who undertook the review, told Personnel Today that through its restructuring process, KSS aimed to eradicate duplication of effort and to recruit people with expertise to supplement the existing HR team.

HE said: “We will set up a centralised shared service function based in Northamptonshire and will take on recruitment specialists, along with people expertise on TUPE.”

“Professional qualifications and continuous training are every bit as important within the HR function as elsewhere in Kier. We’re aspirational in our core businesses, so we should be equally forward-thinking with the support functions such as HR,” he added.

Kier recently implemented a first phase of Midland Trent’s HR and payroll software, providing a single point of access and information.

Ian Lawson, KSS managing director added: “This is a strategic switch to a national shared services system we’ll have depth of expertise at a point accessible to all, less duplication of effort and an HR function which can be truly proactive. We have some extremely talented HR people at present and this fresh approach should see those talents put to even better use.”

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