Kitchen porter claims racial and religious abuse while working in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant

Gordon Ramsay’s famous restaurant  is facing claims that a Muslim worker at his eponymous restaurant in Chelsea was subject to racist abuse by staff.

Kitchen porter Tama Siby claims he was called a “black donkey” by a staff member and victimised because of his religion, according to the Sunday Mirror.

He is taking a claim against Gordon Ramsay Holdings to tribunal, demanding more than £50,000 for unfair dismissal.

Siby alleges racial harassment, racial discrimination, religious discrimination and victimisation.

Ramsay himself has not been implicated.

After hearing the claims, Claire Lynn, the head of human resources for Gordon Ramsay Holdings, called a meeting of senior managers, the Sunday Mirror reported.

She is said to have warned that if there was any offensive kitchen banter it had to stop.

The claim will be heard at the London Central Employment Tribunal. 

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