Leading the way in accounting for people

I have been reading about your involvement in the Accounting for People (AFP) debate. Like you, I believe that HR reporting should feature strongly in the Operating Financial Review (OFR).

As the debate develops, I think it offers a great opportunity for HR to take the lead in shaping the implementation of HCM reporting.
I run a consultancy specialising in employee and customer feedback, with a particular focus on using this to make companies more competitive. My aim is to produce some HCM reports that can be used as ‘best practice’ case prototypes, for debate and development. I will combine best prac-tice from a number of disciplines to do this – obviously HR, but also accounting, marketing and research.

I am assembling a volunteer team of advisers/contributors that will include representation from the HR and investment communities and the Accounting Standards Board.

I am looking for key HR director-level individuals who may want to be part of this project (as volunteers). They need to be passionate about better management, reporting and utilisation of people. I am also looking for companies that would be interested in collaborating.

Andrew Hogbin
Founder, The Hogbin Group

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