Learning and Skills Council saves £100,000 with succession plan

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) has saved more than £100,000 in six months, after asking assessment specialist PSL to help to identify and develop its next generation of leaders.

“The cost of externally recruiting a senior manager can be as much as £35,000,” said Steve Lewitt, the LSC’s director of organisation development.

“We have developed a process that is enabling us to fill more of our top executive director posts through internal promotions. This is saving us money and it is also sending a very positive message that we take the development of our employees seriously.”

PSL analysed the executive director role, to determine the key competencies and skills required, and it ran seven development centres nationwide for 40 directors who were identified as having the potential to become future leaders.

The two-day development centres featured a range of in-tray exercises, written and group exercises, discussions and presentations.

As a result of the development centres, the LSC identified a talent pool of 30 individuals who are capable of making the move to executive level.

The LSC now plans to run development centres for the next level in the organisation: heads of department and managers who are looking to move up to director roles.

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