Learning at Work

Learning at Work
Authors: John Taylor and Adrian Furnham
Price: £25
From: Palgrave Macmillan
Contact: 01256 329242 www.palgrave.com
ISBN: 1403945748

This book puts the business of learning into the context of learning theory, and analyses how practice matches what is known about how the mind works. The first eight of the 10 chapters are very useful, and share insights on training older workers and coaching and testing learners as a way of providing insights into their personalities.

But the book falls down with a disappointing chapter nine. I had hoped this chapter would tackle the challenges facing companies with a diverse workforce in the UK, including staff with a disability, but instead we are served those old chestnuts about business executives misjudging how to play to a foreign audience. However, there is still much of value in this book.

Relevance? Four stars
Interactivity? Four stars
Value for money? Four stars

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