Lingua Polska

A West Country recruitment agency plans to teach Polish would-be immigrants English before they set out for the UK.

Omega Resource Group, which specialises in recruiting industrial staff, will set up an English language training centre in Katowice, Poland, in March. It plans to put candidates who have accepted a position in the UK through a three-month English course before they take up their jobs.

Omega director James Strickland said about 400 workers ayear will receive language training, which will be free to candidates as long as they work for 12 months in the UK via Omega. Should they terminate the contract, they will have to pay for the training.

“English language courses are fundamental to the success of new arrivals from Europe,” he said.

“The language school will benefit clients and candidates new recruits will start their assignments with confidence, whileclients will benefit from a workforce thatis productive from day one.”

He added: “Overcoming language barriers will produce positive improvements, not just socially, but legally. Improving candidates’ reading and understanding of English will assist in the comprehension of health and safety notices, employment rules, contracts and fire regulations.”

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