Loancheck Foundation selects Mediaburst for consumer awareness campaign

Mobile messaging specialist Mediaburst today announces that it has been selected by the not-for-profit Loancheck Foundation to provide mobile text services for its latest nationwide consumer awareness and protection campaign.

According to the National Consumer Council, 6 million families in the UK are already struggling to make repayments towards their debt. But how much of this debt has been overcharged?

The LoanCheck Foundation helps individuals to freely check to see if they are being or have been overcharged on a loan or mortgage.

It also assists charities, good causes and community initiatives and allows their members or users free access to the LoanCheck facility, through LoanCheck’s calculator available on its website.

The Loancheck project has been developed and refined over the last 6 years, and has involved the collation of data and information from lending institutions, and the development of a computer-based assessment process to enable anyone to find out whether or not they too have been a victim of overcharging.

All consumers need do to benefit from Loancheck’s services is to visit its website, fill out a questionnaire and the online calculator generates a full audit of a mortgage or loan account and all the reports necessary to pursue lenders.

The process brings together nationwide firms of solicitors allowing consumers anywhere to pursue potential cases to a satisfactory conclusion on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Since inception, Loancheck has helped protect the interests of several thousands of consumers and has even managed to stop their homes being re-possessed.

“Consumer awareness is the key to the Loancheck service, together with ease of access and use,” says John Whittaker, Loancheck’s managing director. “To this end, we have decided to run an SMS campaign through Mediaburst and we see this as a vital piece in the accessibility jigsaw.”


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