New company to launch innovative behavioural preferences tool

An innovative online ‘personal style and behavioural preferences tool’ will be unveiled by a new company which is launching at HRD 2008.

Academy28 is releasing a 10-minute online assessment, called Your Preferences, which generates an instant report on an individual’s personal style and behavioural characteristics.

The company is also launching six ‘type application packages’, which give individuals expert guidance on the implications of their preferences for:

teamwork (for team leaders and team members), coaching (for coaches and coachees), change management, influencing skills, classroom-based training (for trainers and trainees) and virtual training (for trainers and trainees).

Academy28 has been founded by Dr Clare Howard, an expert on personality preferences in learning, teamwork and communications.

For 20 years, she has been a coach and consultant working with worldwide clients on personal development, leadership, organisational change, business performance and online learning and development assignments.

“Our preferences for certain ways of behaving affect the choices we make and the paths that we follow,” said Dr Howard, Managing Director of Academy28. “This new assessment helps you to understand yourself, how you like to work, how you interact with others and how you can build on your strengths and skills. It provides a wealth of insight into your character and a very good indication of your likely behaviours and interactions”.

“Team leaders can use it to assess their team’s work preferences, recognise imbalances and foster high performance. Trainers and coaches can use it to create a learning styles profile of their programme participants, or coaching clients, and ensure their learning support is effective for each individual,” he added.

Based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Your Preferences classifies people’s natural inclinations around how they think and behave in various situations, into 16 distinct personality ‘types’.

“Other variants of Jung typology include the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory but Your Preferences is different because you don’t need any specific training to interpret the results and the whole process is faster and more cost effective,” said Dr Howard. “Organisations can use the results for issues such as personal development, capacity planning, assessment, team building, selling and leadership development.”

At HRD 2008, Clare Howard and Director of Business and Product Development, Tim Drewitt, will be delivering a Topic Taster session on online psychological typing to enhance training delivery, teamwork and change.

The session will run 16.00-16.45 on Tuesday 15 April.

Your Preferences and the six current type application packages are available for unlimited use, through an annual corporate licence, together with pricing plans for training and work groups of all sizes.

Academy28 is offering a free pilot of Your Preferences for teams or training groups of up to 12 people. A full analysis of the team or group will be provided, together with an hour’s coaching session for the team leader or trainer.


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