Low-paid staff get pay boost following minimum wage investigations

More than 12,000 low-paid workers will celebrate Christmas with a pay boost following HM Revenue & Customs investigations into cases where the National Minimum Wage was not being paid.

In seven months (1 April 2005 to 31 October 2005), HM Revenue & Customs enforcement teams have investigated 2,409 cases, recovering more than £1.7m underpayment from companies.

Recent cases where workers have received arrears include cases against an international haulage company based in Portsmouth.

The investigation involved extracting driving and preparation times from tachograph readings, establishing average times and collating drivers’ own records. This resulted in 126 drivers entitled to arrears of pay, which amounted to £92,700.

Employment relations minister Gerry Sutcliffe said: “The majority of UK employers know that decent wages mean a well-motivated workforce boosts competitiveness and performance.

“However, a small number of companies still refuse to pay their staff the minimum wage. These employers should be warned that the DTI and HM Revenue & Customs take this very seriously.”

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