Make Me A Better Manager goes live

A brand new online management development tool, Make Me a Better Manager, has successfully completed its user trials and has been launched by leading talent management company ETS plc to acclaim from managers across the United Kingdom.

And more than 95 per cent of people responding to the online management surveys of MMBM said they found the service beneficial.

The need for the service is made clear from the views of nearly 100,000 employees, one in five of who report that they are not well managed.

John Southwell, managing director of parent company ETS, explained, “Make Me a Better Manager is a service delivered over the internet where individual managers gain feedback from their workmates on their management strengths and weaknesses to gain insight and see themselves as others do. As a result, they can identify how to develop stronger management skills.

“Managers nominate their colleagues who are surveyed in confidence by email on a range of management skills, like communications and leadership. The survey is finished in two weeks or less and costs £20. Managers get a report that tells them how high or low their colleagues scored them on key skills, compares their scores with benchmarks for each skill, and gives tips on how to improve.”

Make Me a Better Manager has been undergoing trials for three months and in that time nearly 800 users have participated.

 More than 95 per cent of those responding said that they found the new service ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’. As of today, the service is fully operational at its URL

Said Southwell, “The feedback we’re getting from Britain’s managers very much bears out the statistics we have been amassing over many years’ experience in talent management. For example, one in five of nearly 100,000 employees say that they ‘are not well managed’.

“The bottom line,” he saidl, “is that Make Me a Better Manager helps any manager identify their training needs, improve their skills and prepare for their annual assessment, quickly, easily and at less cost than most management books.’

Of 97,846 people responding to the statement ‘I feel that I am well managed’, 20,740 (21%) selected either ‘Disagree’ or ‘Strongly disagree’. The figure is from the ETSM3 employee opinion survey database. This contains more than 2 million responses from 164,000 respondents taken from 70 national and international surveys of blue-chip companies in the last two years. Please note that no conclusions can be drawn from these aggregate figures regarding any specific organisation.

Founded in 1988, ETS plc is one of Britain’s leading providers of talent management systems and consultancy. Organisations that achieve and maintain success are those that best recruit, develop and deploy their talent. ETS believes that this involves aligning individual efforts behind the goals of the organisation and employing talent planning processes to ensure that the right number of appropriately skilled people are ready for every role.

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