Making sure people remember 100% of information shared with them

Research demonstrates that information and learning is mostly forgotten only a day after it’s been delivered.  

The accepted figure is that typically only 20% of learning is retained after 24 hours.

Maximising Impact, a one-day masterclass in information and learning communication,  has just reached the 100% retention mark. 

As a follow up to the workshop where people learn ‘52 Ways to Present Information Powerfully’ all participants are tested as to their memory of what they learnt – and on average participants in the workshop remember between 50-75% of the knowledge and skills that they learnt 24 hours before.

However, one individual at the most recent open course was successfully able to recall all 52 Ways to Present Information Powerfully.

What would be the consequences for you, your participants and your organisation if people easily remembered at least 50% more of what you need them to know?

This one day programme is suitable for anyone who wishes to maximise the impact of the information or learning they impart – whether 1-2-1or group-based.

So far there has been an extremely wide range of delegates including trainers, careers professionals, coaches, HR Advisers, Legal Advisers, Accountants, Editorial, Health and Safety, IT specialists, and union reps – to name just 10!

“In brief, what we are doing is training already experienced communicators how to underpin their information and learning delivery with brain friendly methods, which leads to their achieving measurably better results in all their communications” say Stella Collins and Ann Grindrod, co-creators of the workshop.

And now you can transform your presentations, workshops, coaching sessions by joining Maximising Impact in Cheadle on 26th June.

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