Man United chief executive wants to offer football players City-style bonuses

Manchester United chief executive David Gill has spoken of his desire to lower his footballers’ guaranteed salaries and offer them City-style bonus payments.

The Premier League leader spends about half its revenues in player salaries, with top earners such as England striker Wayne Rooney on more than £250,000 per month.

“Personally, I would like to see players’ salaries more variable, where they win rewards if we are winning,” he told the Financial Times.

“That is a difficult thing to do in this business. In the City, there are huge bonuses, but the actual base salaries are not huge.”

City bonuses are on the rise again, with Goldman Sachs revealing it will pay out a staggering £8.3bn in salaries, bonuses and financial incentives for 2007.

More than 4,000 London-based staff at the US bank are expected to receive £1m each as bonuses this month.

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