Managers take the strain as stress outbreak grips the nation

More managers than ever before (78 per cent) are suffering from work-related stress, caused by increasing workloads, lack of time and lack of support.

– 52 per cent of managers have experienced harassment at work – 27 per cent have been bullied and 34 per cent feel they have been deliberately sidelined or excluded

– 45 per cent of managers did not feel fully appreciated or rewarded

– 65 per cent admitted that they were searching for ‘meaning’ in their working life

– 63 per cent said diversity was not actively managed in their organisations, with 27 per cent having been discriminated against, either in terms of their gender, age, ethnicity or their religion.

– 83 per cent of managers worked consistently longer than their contracted week – 33 per cent put in 11-15 extra hours, and 9 per cent more than

– 15 additional hours each week. More men (85 per cent) than women (79 per cent) work longer hours.


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