Manchester police pay out to settle race and sex discrimination case

The UK’s most senior black female police officer has settled her race and sex discrimination case against the Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

Chief Inspector Karin Mulligan claimed that she was passed over for promotion and her personal life had been investigated because of her sex and race.

She was due to start giving evidence to a tribunal on Monday.

The settlement bans Mulligan from revealing the details of the payout, but it is understood the police are paying £2,000 to charity as part of the settlement.

A police spokesman said: “GMP and Chief Inspector Mulligan are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached over the issues which led to the institution by Chief Inspector Mulligan of employment tribunal claims. Chief Inspector Mulligan is a highly regarded GMP officer.

“GMP and Chief Inspector Mulligan are committed to a continuing and fruitful working relationship.”

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