TUC healthcare members back Agenda for Change programme

The Transport & General Workers Union has confirmed that its NHS members have given their backing to new pay packages under the Government’s Agenda for Change scheme.

The Agenda for Change will see a new pay system created for over a million staff in the NHS.

More than 70 per cent of those who voted supported the new way forward.

The union’s lead officer for NHS workers, Tommy Douras, welcomed the result and said it was a very positive development.

“Our members worked hard to make sure the final proposals they were voting on reflected their current aspirations,” he said. “The negotiations were intense, but the result is very clear.”

Douras said he now looked forward to working with NHS managers at a local level to ensure the agreements were properly implemented and make sure that any local concerns were dealt with as and when they arose.

Agenda for Change is due to be implemented in the NHS from 1 December.

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