Many women care for their parents as well as their kids

There were no surprises for me in the findings from the Economic and Social Research Council, which showed that women are more damaged by the long-hours culture, as they generally have more responsibilities.

As a working mother, I was only too aware of the juggling act I had to perform on a daily basis to meet everyone’s needs, and the effect it was having on my health while my children were growing up.

What was missing from your editorial, however, was any reference to the growing demands on working women to also act as carers for their ageing parents. Provision within the NHS and through social services is limited, and parents live to increasingly older ages and want to remain ‘independent’ in their own homes.

Let’s not forget this growing pressure, and the fact that many of the women in more senior roles face the double whammy of childcare and parent care.

Suzanne Middleton
Assistant director (staff resourcing), HR
University of Southampton

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