Men must earn at least £50,000 to be seen as successful by women

Men have to earn about £50,000 a year before women consider them to be wealthy and successful, according to research.

Almost half (45%) of the women surveyed said a sizeable bank balance was their top priority when looking for a partner.

But men were found to be less concerned with their partner’s financial status. Only 22% said a healthy bank balance was their main priority and they perceived women who earned £42,000 per annum as wealthy and successful.

Of the 3,081 respondents surveyed by National Savings and Investments, men were found to have average savings of £20,335 whilst women had around £14,167.

More than 60% of respondents also said finances were important to the success of a relationship.

Dax Harkins, senior savings strategist at National Savings and Investments said: “Our findings show that finances form a very important part of relationship dynamics and this is reflected in the expectations people have.”

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