Met police managers to get stress awareness toolkit

London’s Metropolitan Police Service has launched a new stress awareness programme for its top staff and officers to help them and their teams deal with the ever-increasing pressure they face.

The Managers’ Toolkit will be launched at New Scotland Yard on Friday and will offer training and guidance on how to prevent, recognise and effectively combat workplace stress in their staff.

The interactive training will be delivered to all first- and second-line managers and includes presentations, discussions and a DVD, which depicts five typical scenarios of life and work-related stress in staff in the police service.

The Met and its leader Sir Ian Blair have been under intense public scrutiny recently following incidents such as the shooting of Charles de Menezes and the accidental shooting of 23-year-old Mohammed Abdul Kahar in anti-terror raids in Forest Gate.

Earlier this year the Met introduced ‘Triggers’, a stress awareness training programme for all armed officers.

Dr Eileen Cahill-Canning, the Met’s chief medical officer said workplace stress was recognised nowadays as a significant problem in all large organisations including the Met.

“The Met is committed to dealing with this serious issue in an appropriate and sensitive manner,” she said.

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