Millions of working professionals are UK’s ‘hidden poor’

four million professional workers are living in poverty and the problem is
worsening, a charity warns.

to the Elizabeth Finn Trust, 3.8 million people are living on as little as £114
a week.

they make up half of those in poverty, the charity said they were the UK’s
‘hidden poor’ because they were so reluctant to seek help.

divorces, an ageing society and uncertainty over retirement income will
increase the problem, the charity said. It predicts the number of professionals
in poverty will increase to 11 per cent of all adults by 2020.

redundancy, family breakdown and poor pension provision were some of the
factors that have pushed this group and their dependants below the breadline.

trust, which offers financial support to professionals whose careers have been
interrupted or ended, said the ‘hidden poor’ were not just suffering
financially. This was because financial hardship often leads to emotional
difficulties, such as social isolation, loneliness and feelings of
worthlessness, it said.

Mike Berry

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