Mind Mapping morphs from acclaimed webinar to e-learning course

Illumine, the practical thinking training specialist, has turned its highly successful and acclaimed webinar on Mind Mapping into an equally successful e-learning programme.

Illumine – the world’s leading provider of Mind Mapping training for business – has developed a nine module e-learning programme which provides an introduction to Mind Mapping. Illumine was prompted to produce the e-learning programme after its ‘Mind Mapping Mastery Webinar’ won a ‘High Impact Badge of Honour’ at Global Enterprise Week, held at the end of November last year – during which organisations in over 80 countries ran thousands of events to inspire people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity.

“‘High Impact Badge of Honour’ events are those that have a positive and lasting impact on the people who attend,” explained Richard Evans, marketing manager at Illumine. “At last year’s event, only 240 out of 4,800 events received this special status.”

The content for the e-learning course was written – and is presented – by Clive Lewis, the Master Mind Mapper who has been using Mind Maps in a wide-ranging and successful business career for over 30 years. He and his team at Illumine Training have taught tens of thousands of people how to Mind Map in courses, workshops and seminars around the world.

“Today’s work environment demands that we all save time, improve efficiency and be more creative in our thinking,” observed Lewis. “As a result, more and more people are turning to Mind Mapping as an essential business tool to add to their intellectual armoury.”

The Mind Mapping course takes Tony Buzan’s widely recognised technique for effective thinking and learning, and shows how to apply and benefit from it in the business environment. It helps learners to think more creatively and incisively, plan more effectively, improve memory and increase effectiveness at work to ever higher levels.

The programme (priced at £29.99 + VAT) includes over 60 minutes of videos, explanations and exercises that take users, step by step, towards a robust Mind Mapping technique – whatever their level of experience.

“We believe that this is the first time that Mind Mapping experience and expertise has been distilled into a flexible online learning programme,” Evans commented. “In the course, we place an emphasis on users being ‘active learners’ – seeing, hearing, experiencing and discovering about Mind Mapping for themselves.

“So far, those who have completed the e-learning programme have been delighted with the course – and agree that it has helped them to achieve what they set out to do.”

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