Mobile tracking innovation enables fleet managers to monitor hands-free ban

Businesses who have banned their employees from talking on the phone whilst driving – even with a hands-free kit – can now  monitor and enforce the policy for the first time thanks to a pioneering innovation.


New technology, developed by leading tracking service provider Crystal Ball, allows employers to be alerted via email when a hands-free kit or a hand held phone is being used whilst the car is being driven – so they can take appropriate action.


The innovation has been backed by one of the country’s leading former policemen – former Det Chief Supt Mick Gradwell, who explained: “This innovation is a great move forward in terms of companies monitoring safe driving policy.”


Although technically the use of hands-free sets whilst driving is legal, drivers can be prosecuted under careless and dangerous driving laws if they drive poorly whilst distracted by a call – with companies also facing the risk of prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act or the Health and Safety at Work Act.


Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh said: “Some companies have been very proactive in banning the use of hands-free kits for business-related calls, but until now this has been largely ineffective as they have not been able to monitor and enforce it.


“In addition, many company policies allow employees to use company vehicles for private use outside business hours but are still governed by the company’s mobile phone policy. In these instances businesses have zero visibility on employees adhering to company policy.


“All companies receive itemised bills from their mobile phone network, however, these are historic, don’t record any incoming call data and do not record any journey data, so the bill is completely ineffective as a tool to enforce the policy.


“This innovation allows companies to clearly demonstrate that they are being proactive in enforcing mobile phone policy and thereby potentially reducing their liability.”


Its mobile phone tracking applications also allow employers to monitor live information which includes speed, journey time, distance and precise location.


Its web-based system also captures all incoming and outgoing mobile phone call and text information in real time.


Raj Singh has a 25-year industry track record and Manchester-based Crystal Ball has developed a range of downloadable smartphone applications that bring a totally fresh and innovative dimension to tracking, lone worker protection and employee monitoring.


Crystal Ball applications work on popular GPS-enabled smart phones which include for example Blackberrys, Nokias and HTCs. 


The hands-free monitoring functionality is free until December 31 as part of comprehensive mobile phone and vehicle tracking packages available from Crystal Ball from only £6.94 per month.


It is also available on a free trial.


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